Crystal Trophy surface laser and inner laser

Crystal Trophy: Surface Laser vs. Inner Laser

Have you ever wondered how those stunning crystal trophies achieve those seemingly trapped images inside?

Forget expensive 3D scanning – this blog dives into the fascinating world of sub-surface laser engraving, also known as SSLE, to reveal how these trophies come to life.

Before lasering any Crystal Trophy, you will need to know about the different types of Crystal Trophy in Malaysia to understand the product.

Beyond Surface Engraving

While surface laser engraving creates a frosted effect on the crystal, SSLE takes things a step further.

Imagine a powerful laser beam focused to a tiny point within the crystal itself.

This intense heat creates micro-fractures, forming the foundation of your custom image.

Precision at its Finest

The magic lies in the machine’s ability to precisely control this laser point. At a mere 40-80 micrometers wide, it can create a mind-blowing 4,000 fractures per second!

This pinpoint focus ensures no damage to the surrounding crystal, leaving a pristine final product.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all process. Crystal’s refractive index, how light bends within the material, necessitates adjustments for each piece.

That’s why our machines has exceptional optical clarity, allowing for flawless inner laser engraving.

2D vs. 3D: Striking the Balance

Creating a 3D image requires complex 3D files (OBJ or STL), making the process expensive.

For a more affordable option, 2D inner laser engraving utilizes standard vector files.

Here’s the key difference:

Vector files, unlike JPEGs with their pixel squares, use paths and points. These are precisely what the machine follows to etch the image as bubble-like micro-fractures within the crystal.

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3D Inner Laser

2D Inner Laser

The Art of Avoiding Clashes

Imagine tiny bubbles colliding and shattering the image!

To prevent this, the laser strategically creates layers, ensuring enough space between each fracture.

A Pricey Powerhouse

The high cost of SSLE machines, often exceeding RM95,500, lies in their powerful, highly concentrated lasers. That explains why you don’t see them everywhere! So, the next time you admire a meticulously crafted crystal trophy with an image seemingly trapped within, remember the marvels of sub-surface laser engraving and the intricate process behind it.