Seven types of – Crystal Trophy Finishing

1) Direct UV printing on surface
2) 2D or 3D inner laser in the crystal trophy
3) DTF transfer on crystal trophy
4) Transparent film printing
5) Half white film printing
6) Sandblasting on crystal trophy
7) Laser Engraving on crystal trophy surface

What is the meaning of Crystal Trophy Finishing?

In the realm of awards and recognition, few items hold the timeless elegance and prestige of a crystal trophy.

From corporate achievements to sporting triumphs, these gleaming creations symbolize excellence and success.

Beyond their inherent beauty lies a world of intricate craftsmanship.

These finishing techniques elevates these trophies to objects of true artistry.

What are these diverse array of finishing methods that lend each crystal trophy its unique allure?

1) Direct UV Printing on Surface

Direct UV printing involves applying ink directly onto the surface of the crystal trophy using ultraviolet light.

This technique allows for vibrant colors and intricate details to be transferred with precision onto the trophy’s surface.

The result is a glossy, durable finish that enhances the visual impact of the trophy.

2) 2D or 3D Inner Laser in the Crystal Trophy

We have covered about this Technique in an earlier blog post.

Nevertheless, utilizing advanced laser technology, 2D or 3D images and designs can be engraved inside the crystal trophy.

This adds depth and dimension to the artwork.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all crystal trophies are suitable for this technique.

Pure crystal trophies are generally preferred.

Impurities or air bubbles within the material can compromise the integrity of the engraving process.

Or in some cases break the entire Crystal Trophy.

3) DTF Transfer on Crystal Trophy

Direct to Film (DTF) transfer involves printing designs onto a specialized film.

This technique involves transferring of designs onto the surface of the crystal trophy using heat and pressure.

This method allows for high-resolution printing and enables intricate designs to be applied seamlessly onto the trophy’s surface.

4) Transparent Film Printing

In this technique, designs are printed onto a transparent film.

The film is then meticulously attached to the surface of the crystal trophy.

This method preserves the clarity of the crystal while allowing for the customization of intricate designs and logos.

The film is carefully carved to follow the shape of the Crystal Trophy and is seamlessly fitted on.

5) Half White Film Printing

This method is similar to transparent film printing.

Half white film printing involves applying designs onto a semi-transparent film with a white background.

When attached to the crystal trophy, the white background enhances the visibility and contrast of the printed design.

This makes the Crystal Trophy stand out with striking clarity.

Again, the film is carefully carved to make a seamless transfer, invisible to the untrained eye.

6) Sandblasting on Crystal Trophy

Sandblasting is a traditional yet highly effective method of engraving designs onto the surface of a crystal trophy.

Fine grains of sand are propelled at high velocity onto the trophy’s surface.

This intricate patterns and text on the Crystal Trophy.

The designs are etched with precision, creating a frosted, textured finish that contrasts beautifully with the crystal’s clarity.

However, this method must be done with a mold, to avoid rough edges.

7) Laser on Crystal Trophy Surface

Laser engraving offers unparalleled precision and versatility in creating intricate designs on the surface of a crystal trophy.

With the aid of a mold, laser beams are directed onto the trophy’s surface, resulting in precise and consistent engraving.

Color can be added to the engraved areas using specialized techniques.

This will further enhancing the visual impact of the design creating contrast between the design and Crystal trophy.


In conclusion, the finishing techniques applied to crystal trophies encompass a rich tapestry of artistry and innovation.

There are so many methods through direct printing, laser engraving, or traditional sandblasting and more.

Each method contributes to the creation of a masterpiece that celebrates achievement and excellence.

Sit down and discuss with your Crystal Trophy Supplier on the best finishing method that suits your event.