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Customize any type of Trophy, Plaque, Medal or Award. At Trophy-World Malaysia, you can customize any Trophy, Plaque, Medal, and Award. We can also help you with fusion which is combining two different materials and finishing. The outcome is outstanding and a one of a kind Trophy. Full service is provided from choosing the best fit Trophy, Plaque, Medal or Award that fits your event up to delivering your customized awards to your doorstep.

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Trophy Malaysia Customizing Specialist Products

Customized Acrylics | Trophy World Malaysia

Customized Acrylic Trophy – A one of kind beautiful Trophy. Acrylics can be customized to almost anything. Special and Unique.
Die cut – Cutting your Company logo or name out from Acrylic to customize to any Trophy shape.
Get Premium Diamond Trophies at Trophy-World Malaysia Supplier

Customized Trophy Gifts – A gift is something special you want to award someone. Get them something special.

Get a Velvet, Wooden or Fusion Glass Box to go with your Customized Trophy Gifts.

Customized Medals | Trophy World Malaysia

Customized Medals – Our customized medals are money for value and one of its kind. Extremely valuable for keeps.

Molding, Etching or Epoxy methods are used together or separately to create your personalized Customized Medals.

Customized Trophies – Customize your very own trophy. Make according to your Company logo and brand’s size and shape.
Buy Quality Acrylic Plaques | Trophy-World Malaysia

Premium Customized – Customize a mixture of elements to get the ultimate prize for your contestant.
Buy Quality World Cup Trophies | Trophy-World Malaysia

Others – We have a wide range of trophies, plaques, medals and awards. As the sky is the limit. Others are anything other competitive awards you can think and design of.