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Trophies can be in Acrylic, Liu li, Vase, Metal, Crystal, Star, Gold, Pewter, Plastic and much more. We can also  mix and match or create your very own customized trophy from scratch. We will first need to understand the nature of your event, then propose the right trophy for the event. Upon confirming the trophy, our team of designers will start arranging your logo and wordings. After your final confirmation, production will begin manufacturing and packing. Each trophy can be delivered to your doorstep.

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Our Trophy Malaysia Products

Acrylic Awards | Trophy World Malaysia
Acrylic Award Trophies – Simple but elegant. Print any design, word recognition and your Company logo on this Trophy.
Buy Quality Crystal Trophies | Trophy-World Malaysia
Crystal Trophies – A one of its kind beautiful Trophy. Crystal itself is beautiful, a crystal trophy is a great way to recognize someone.
Crystal Vases | Trophy World Malaysia
Crystal Vases Trophies – Special trophy for your event Choose from our Trophy Supply range of Crystal Vases. Best trophy choices.
Golden Awards | Trophy World Malaysia
Golden Award Trophies – Golden trophies for a Grammy giveaway or the top sales agent awards. As a Trophy Supplier, this is a notch above the rest.
Trophy World Malaysia | Liuli Crystal
Liu li Crystal Trophies – One of its kind. Beautiful colored trophies to memorize the recipients. A trophy which be most remembered.
Metal Trophies | Trophy World Malaysia
Metal Trophies – Heavy and sturdy trophies brings out quality, assurance and represents top standards. We are the leading Trophy Supplier for Metal Trophies.
Star Awards | Trophy World Malaysia
Star Award Trophies – Everyone loves a star trophy. Pick a star trophy and your event will only bring joy and success.