Nine Crystal Trophy Designs in Malaysia

What are the types of Crystal Trophy or Crystal Plaques design available in Malaysia?

From our video, you can see a combination of Crystal Plaques, and Crystal Trophies.

  • Golden Star Crystal Plaques: A golden star can be add onto Crystal Plaques to make it look different, special from others.

  • Silver Star Crystal Plaques: A silver star can be added onto Crystal Plaques on top to make the Crystal Plaque look outstanding.

  • Clear Crystal Plaques: Some events require heavy Crystal Plaques but simple professional sleek design.

    This is where we will create a professional design to be UV reversed printed on the back of the Crystal Plaques.

    This is done most of the time with film or half white film to make the design look like within the Trophy.

  • Golden Ornament Crystal Plaques: For another different look and feel, add on a golden ornament.

  • Heavy Crystal Trophy: Sometimes, your event might require a very heavy Trophy.

    We have different shapes, sizes, and weight Crystal Trophies to cater to your needs.

What are the other types of Crystal Trophies in Malaysia?

There are more different shapes, sizes, and structure of Crystal Trophies in Malaysia.
  • Crystal Ball Trophy: A Crystal ball made of Crystal on top with a Crystal Body and Crystal base.

    Inner laser logo can be done for this kind of Trophy.

  • Crystal Tower Trophies: This is where we add on golden silver plated iconic designs such as kl tower or the Twin Tower on a Crystal Trophy.

  • Crystal Award Plaques: The different shape and sizes for these range are uncountable.

  • 3D Crystal Trophies: You may have designs, lasered into a crystal trophy with 3D look and feel.

    For that, you would need OBJ, STL, FBX, and DAE files.

What kind of events can Crystal Trophy be presented?

1) Corporate Events

  • Employee Recognition: Crystal trophies are perfect for acknowledging outstanding performance, years of service, or reaching sales targets.

  • Leadership Awards: Recognize exceptional leadership qualities with a crystal tower symbolizing strength and stability.

  • Department Awards: Celebrate the achievements of a specific team or department with a crystal trophy.

  • Company Milestones: Commemorate a company anniversary, a successful product launch, or achieving a major goal with a special crystal award.

2) Professional Events

  • Industry Awards: Recognize outstanding achievements within a specific industry with a custom-designed crystal trophy.

  • Conferences and Trade Shows: Award attendees or participants for their contributions or achievements with a crystal memento.

  • Competitions and Tournaments: Crystal trophies are a classic choice for first place, second place, and other top achievements in competitions.

3) Other Events

  • Charity Galas and Fundraisers: Recognize donors or volunteers who have made significant contributions with a crystal award.

  • Educational Institutions: Acknowledge academic excellence, outstanding student athletes, or exceptional contributions with a crystal trophy.

  • Sports Tournaments: From local leagues to prestigious events, crystal trophies add prestige to winning achievements.

  • Creative Contests: Recognize artistic achievements, design excellence, or winning performances with a stylish crystal trophy.

Overall, crystal trophies are suitable for any event.

To celebrate achievement, recognize excellence, and leave a lasting impression.